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The Special Occasions Agency

Happy surprises for a classmate, a son or daughter, a friend, a senior... a Tiger! Make them feel special.
Hand made care packages, balloons, flowers and baked goodies delivered right to the dorm.
We provide fun opportunities & ways to treat Princeton students for any occasion.


Executive Director: Jean Wang '16

New: On-campus Grocery Delivery Service! Bakery Treats
The Special Occasions Agency is excited to offer grocery delivery service this semester!
Remaining delivery dates for this year:
April 5
April 12
May 3

As a trial service, we will offer limited delivery service from Wegmans.

Regular service fees:
  • $7.50 delivery fee for pick up at the PSA Office on Sundays 3-6pm: 48 University Pl, Suite 003
  • $12.50, delivery to your dorm on Sundays 7-9pm
Bakery Orders: Sometimes only a cupcake will do...
Or make a party with our Party Combo Packs

Party Supplies Care Packages & Party Combo Packs
Balloons - how fun is that!

Surprise a classmate or send a birthday surprise!
Send a surprise during the school year. All made right here & delivered to the dorm room.

Lovely flowers for special occasions!

During Commencement weekend, we'll be at the PSA tent next to Cannon Green with lovely Graduation Flower arrangements. Check back with us in the spring for pre-ordering information/ prices!