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 Your time at Princeton may only last for four years, but your yearbook will last forever.
Remember all the great times you’ve had for years to come!
Executive Director: Sherry Li '15

Associate Director: Kushal Dalal '17

Any orders received during the summer will be mailed out when we return in the Fall. 
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The Nassau Herald


This all-encompassing yearbook captures a year of life on campus. It includes senior portraits, campus life, student organizations, athletics, eating clubs, campus events, senior congratulatory ads, Commencement and Reunions, and much more!

Past Yearbook Products...

The Freshman Herald : Freshman Facebook (discontinued)


This book is a keepsake of your first year on campus - freshman photos as well as maps, phone numbers, and more. Last year available: Class of 2016. Note: The year is your graduating class year, not your entering year as a Freshman.



The Bric-a-Brac: Student Life Yearbook (discontinued)

This yearbook includes photos of student organizations, athletics at the varsity and club levels, campus events, eating clubs, residential colleges, student life, and more. Relive special moments like Commencement, Reunions, and Lawn Parties. It does not have senior class portraits and parent ads.


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2014 Nassau Herald
Our Price: $120.00
The 2014 Nassau Herald - The all-class yearbook for Princeton University

Senior portraits, student organizations, athletics, Graduation, reunions, campus life, campus events
 and much more.

A keepsake of your 2013-2014 year at Princeton.
Yearbooks will be mailed to your shipping address Fall 2014.

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Shipping included.

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Nassau Herald: Older editions
Our Price: $50.00
2001 and 2011 out of stock.
$10 shipping
2000 to 2013: Bric-a-Brac
Our Price: $50.00
Shipping: $10 each
2001 is out of stock.
Older Bric-a-Bracs: 1955 to 1999
Our Price: $50.00
We have a limited supply of Bric-a-Brac yearbooks from 1955 to 1999. Select a year!
Shipping: $10 each
Freshman Heralds
Our Price: $10.00
The Freshman Herald (discontinued) is a keepsake of your freshman year. It contains freshman photos and directories organized by first name, last name, geographic location, high school, and residential college. It also includes an academic calendar, a campus map and phone numbers, an administrator directory, residential college information, and more resources. Last year printed: Class of 2016. Shipping: $4 each Out of stock: 1991,92,93,97,99,2003,2008,2009

Note: The year for each Freshman Herald denotes the graduating class year, not the year the student was a freshman.  Example: Freshman Herald 2014 is the Freshman book for the class that graduated in June 2014 and entered in September 2010.