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So Much Laundry...So Little Time

The Princeton Student Laundry Agency gives students something valuable: time. Offering professional laundry and dry cleaning services through the academic year with your satisfaction guaranteed!

Can't find anything clean to wear? We're offering two great services to help you...

Laundry Service: When ordering laundry service, you will receive a standard PSLA-issued laundry bag, a service schedule and instructions. Each week, your laundry will be picked up from your door, taken to a professional laundry service and returned clean and folded.

Dry Cleaning Service: Take advantage of our dry cleaning service: the more dry cleaning credits you buy, the more you save. Free pick-up and delivery right to your door. How does the Dry Cleaning Service work? Click Here.
Princeton is hard; make your life easier by purchasing our laundry service!

  • December 14, 2015 - January 5, 2015: Winter Break. No service.
  • Thursday December 12 pick up delivered on Monday, January 5
  • Service resumes January 5, 2015
  • January 12, 2015: Last laundry returned (from Thursday, January 9 pick-up)
  • No Monday pick up
  • January 12 - February 4: No Laundry Service due to Intersession and Exam period
  • February 4: Spring Semester Laundry Service Begins. First Monday pick up.
  • March 14 - March 22: Spring Break. No service.
  • Thursday March 12 pick up delivered on Monday, March 23
  • Service resumes March 23
  • May 11: Last laundry returned (from Thursday May 7 pick up)
  • No Monday pick up

Executive Director: Luke Brahm '16
Associate Director: Sam Berger '16

All Laundry orders are subject to the PSLA Customer Policy Agreement.
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Dry Cleaning
Our Price: $10.00

The only on-campus door to door dry cleaning service!

You may purchase dry cleaning credits of different amounts for your convenience. As you use the dry cleaning service, the cost of dry cleaning will be deducted from your outstanding credit. You may also purchase more credits here to be added to your current balance.

What do you do with your Dry Cleaning items? Click here.

Don't lose your stuff!
Include a Dry Cleaning Form with each bag of cleaning!

Note: Dry cleaning credits expire at the end of the laundry service term for each academic year. Any unused dry cleaning credits at the end of the academic year will not be refunded.
Email us if you have further questions. Thanks!
Laundry Service- one semester/one pick up
Our Price: $290.00

Order your laundry service for one semester. One pick up per week.
Pick ups are on Monday or Thursday. We will contact you with information before service begins with your pick-up date and where to pick up your bag.

Laundry Service- one semester/two pick ups
Our Price: $475.00

Order your laundry service for one semester. Two pick ups per week. Pick ups are on Monday and Thursday. We will contact you prior to service start with bag pick up instructions.