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Fill your dorm with the essentials...

Welcome Class of 2020!

The Dorm Furnishings Agency offers bedroom linens, dorm room accessories, bed lofting kits, microfridges, and refrigerators to undergraduate and graduate students. All items are conveniently delivered to your Fall dorm room before you arrive on campus in September. Simply pre-order the products and we’ll do the rest!

All products are now sold out! If you would like to be put on a waitlist for these items, please email us at:

Executive Director: Logan Dziak '18

Associate Director: Matthew Nelson '18

Dorm Room Linens ordering is now closed. Thank you for your orders!

All orders will be delivered to your dorm room by September 3!

At Check-out, please put student's Fall dorm location in the "Ship To" information, not their Frist Mailbox. (example: John Smith, Holder Hall, Room 201, Princeton, NJ 08544)

Fall Dorm Furnishings Delivery Schedule: (Schedule is subject to change. We will notify you if there is a change.)

Orders received:
Order to be delivered:
By Aug 25
In dorm by Sept 3
Aug 26 - Sept 9
Sept 12
Sep 10 - 30
Oct 1
After Sep 30
Scheduled case by case

All purchases made through this online store are subject to the Dorm Furnishings Contract Agreement.