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The Dorm Furnishings Agency offers bedroom linens, dorm room accessories, microfridges, and refrigerators to undergraduate and graduate students. All items are conveniently delivered to your Fall dorm room before you arrive on campus in September. Simply pre-order the products and we’ll do the rest!

Ordering for the Fall of 2018 will open June 1

Pick up of microfridges in the Spring of 2018

Starting May 20th, dorm furnishing workers will begin picking up fridges throughout campus. We will have all fridges picked up by May 27th. Please refer below to these important steps that will help make the pickup process go smoothly.

1. Please unplug your fridges to allow them thaw out, while also draining the excess water. As ice melts in the freezer, the resulting water can make the fridges difficult and dangerous to move. Depending on the amount of ice that has accumulated in the freezer this could potentially take a day or so please plan accordingly.

2. On May 20th, please place your fridge in the hallway outside of your room. The dorm furnishings workers do not have access inside the individual rooms so this makes life much easier. The building services workers will be notified and should not give you any trouble about keeping your fridge outside of your room. If workers come to pick up your fridge and it is not outside by the 20th, you will be charged a $25 late fee. Additionally, you will be charged a $10 late fee for every day after May 27th that the fridge is still not outside of your room.

3. IMPORTANT: Please make sure your fridge is thoroughly cleaned prior to May 20th! This includes ensuring that the microwave is clean for those of you with Microfridges. If the unit is picked up and either the fridge or microwave are still dirty, you will be charged a $50 cleaning fee.

Thank you for your cooperation and please reach out if you have questions!

Thank you.

Dorm Furnishings

Email: furnish@princeton.edu
Executive Director: Spencer Kryzcka '19
Associate Director: Austin Shaw '19

All purchases made through this online store are subject to the Dorm Furnishings Contract Agreement.