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Don't Get Caught Thirsty!

The Princeton Water and Beverage Agency delivers water coolers, jugs, Keurig Coffee makers and K-cups, and a variety of drinks including Poland Spring Water, Nestle Water, Gatorades, and Vitamin Water RIGHT TO YOUR DOORSTEP. Let us do the heavy lifting!

The Water and Beverage Agency works on a recurring monthly billing and delivery system. Unless otherwise informed, we will assume all orders are made for a monthly basis.  If you would like to amend your orders, you can contact us anytime at:

Don't miss these discounts now! (Good through Sept. 30th!)

  • Full year water cooler rentals - 15% off
  • Nestle & Poland Springs water cases & all boxes of K-cups - 10% off
  • Single water jug deliveries - 5% off

Questions? Email:

Executive Director: Pujan Rai '15
Associate Director: Shafin Fattah '15

Delivery Schedule for Fall:
  • September 20
  • October 18
  • November 20
  • December 11
Keurig Coffee Maker & K Cups Water Cooler Rental and Jugs
Late cold nights, long papers, early morning practices... keep your pajamas on and grab a cup right in your room!

Order a box of K-cups by Sept 30 and get 10% off! (price reflected at checkout)

Rent your Water cooler and jugs here!
(Coolers and water jugs are sold separately)

Drinks by the Case

Drinks by the case!