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Our Student Agency Board of Directors, 2017-2018

Dorm Furnishings
Executive Director: Logan Dziak '18
Associate Director: Matt Nelson'18

Formal Services
Executive Director: Joy Chen '18
Associate Director: Jacqueline Pan '19

Executive Director: Eric Schulz '18
Associate Director: William Paulson '18

Moving & Storage
Executive Director: Joe Grabowski '18
Associate Director: Eric Robinson '18

Picture Perfect
Executive Director: Lyra Katzman '20
Associate Director: POSITION OPEN

Executive Director: Danielle Stephenson '20
Associate Director: Serena Lu '20

Ring & Frame
Executive Director: Jared Lee '18
Associate Director: Steven Sum '19

Executive Director: Arianna Brown '18
Associate Director: Mitch Dunay '18

Special Occasions
Executive Director: Catalina Zhao '18
Associate Director: Linda Pucurimay '20

Student Design
Executive Director: Andrea Delgado '19
Associate Director: Emily Tang '18

Executive Director: Mike Perloski '18
Associate Director: Mikkey Clarke '19

Video Production Agency
Executive Director: Misako Benso '19
Associate Director: Patrik Andersen '19

Water & Beverage
Executive Director: Jay Rolader '20
Associate Director: Alex Deters '20

Executive Director: Vojislav Mitrovic '18
Associate Director: Ryan Wilson '19

Our Office Staff

Margaret Lee, Dean's Assistant

Provides front-line services for all walk-up, phone and email inquiries from Agency customers. Also provides support for Agency event programming, organization and staffing.

Jessica Popkin, Program Coordinator
Provides operational and management support for all of the PSA student-led agencies. As program coordinator, Jessica offers advice and guidance on matters of marketing, business development, management and finances across all 14 student agencies.

Jarrett Fisher, Assistant Dean and Director of Student Agencies

Responsible for the financial operations and business needs of PSA. Maintains University departmental relationships with regard to agency business. As Assistant Dean for the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students, Dean Fisher is also involved with various programs associated with student organizations, commencement-related activities and class governments.