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Welcome Class of 2018!

You will soon learn that only two colors count here: Orange & Black
Get everything you need before you arrive in September! Check out our 2018 gear, furnishings, and services HERE !

Current Happenings...


Look for us at 3 different Freshman Check-ins:

  • International (Aug 27, New South Lawn)
  • Outdoor/Community Action (Aug 30, Baker Rink)
  • Move-in Day (Sep 6, Baker Rink)
At our tables, you'll be able to:
  1. Pick up pre-ordered Dorm Furnishings linens
  2. Order laundry service and pick up your laundry bags
  3. Pick up some good looking TigerGear! "Class of 2018" banner, anyone?
  4. Order some great care packages for your student to welcome them to campus and throughout the year!
  5. Order water cooler & jug service delivered right to your room or Keurigs & k-cups!
  6. And so much more!
For more information, look at our different agencies on the left and links above.

Returning Students

Moving & Storage Updates:

  • Full Service & Short-term Storage - Items will be in your dorm by Sept 6
  • Box Storage Pick up - Mon, Sept 8, Dillon lawn tent, 11am - 5pm  Update!
  • Bike Storage Pick up - Tue, Sept 9, Dillon lot, Noon - 4pm  Update!
  • Reminder: if you were waitlisted for room improvement, you must email us with your fall dorm location and Order ID# :

Class Year Banner Laundry Service - Full year/ one pick up
Our Price: $95.00
Our Price: $475.00
Cold-only Water Cooler Rental - 1 Full Year + Keurig Coffeemaker Purchase 2014-15 Nassau Herald
Our Price: $349.98
Our Price: $120.00