Princeton Student Laundry Agency Customer Agreement

Princeton Laundry Agency Customer Agreement

(Any order placed through this online store is subject to the terms of the Laundry Policy Statement below.)


PSLA is offering 4 specific pricing options for this school year. A customer must choose first how long he or she would like the service (either for the semester or the entire year), and then how often he or she will use the service (either one day or two days a week). The one-day a week, semester-long option will be $270.00, the one-day a week, year-long option $490.00, the two-days a week semester-long option $490.00, and the two-days a week, year-long option $850.00. Any customer choosing to sign-up for service after it has begun must pay full price.


Laundry Service will begin on September 16, 2019. Service is weekly, excluding Fall Break, Thanksgiving, Winter Break, Dean’s Date, Exam Periods, Intersession and Spring Break. Please refer to the PSLA Service Schedule below this contract. Laundry bags will be collected and delivered on Monday/Thursday mornings. There will be no exceptions to the schedule. Laundry bags should be outside the door by 5am on the day of pick-up, unless otherwise noted. Please Note: those customers with Thursday pick-up days will have their bags returned the following Monday. Before Fall Recess, Winter Break, and Spring Break, Thursday bags will be picked up and returned the Monday when classes resume. Please plan ahead for these dates. An email will be sent out to remind customers.


Customers may ONLY use the laundry bag provided by PSLA to pack their laundry pick-up. If the initial bag given to the customer is lost, the customer must purchase a replacement in order to continue service. However, if the bag is damaged during the pick-up/drop-off cycle, the bag will be replaced by PSLA at no expense to the customer. PSLA will not pick up bags that are not issued by the agency.


Placement of PSLA Laundry Bag – Laundry Bags should be placed outside the customer’s door the night before the scheduled day to insure a 5am pick-up. Please be advised that PSLA will not assume responsibility for laundry lost or stolen while sitting outside of the door. PSLA will only assume responsibility if the laundry is lost or stolen while in the possession of PSLA (from the time the laundry bag is picked up to the time of drop-off). Special arrangements for pick-up may be possible if PSLA is notified by email two days in advance.

Pick-up and Drop-off Schedule – Depending on which pricing schedule is chosen, those with the two-days a week option may leave a bag out on any day there is a pick-up. You may not leave two bags out on the same day. If you do, only one bag will be picked up. Those with the one-day a week option will be assigned a pick-up day: either Monday or Thursday. Bags picked up on Monday morning will be returned Thursday morning, and those picked up Thursday morning will be returned Monday morning. Please refer to the PSLA Service Schedule included with this contract to make certain the service is operating. It is the responsibility of the customer to make their laundry bag available for normal pick-up schedule. If a bag is not available for pick-up as described above, it will not be cleaned that week. Refunds will not be given to customers who miss their normal pick-up day.

If a customer’s bag is missed by a Laundry Service employee, they may promptly notify the agency through email and an employee will come collect it. Though in the case that an employee has already notified management that the bag was missing when the door was checked, the bag will not be collected. To ensure a smooth operation, it is imperative that the bag be placed outside the door before 5am.

Lost Bags – Any bag that cannot be found by a customer or PSLA employee is considered misdelivered, and will be allowed up to two weeks in order for proper delivery to occur before being considered as lost. Only after two weeks will a reimbursement of lost clothing be given, and it will be no more than the cost of the customer’s sign-up fee.

Non-clothing Items – Any items left in the customer’s pockets or bag including, but not limited to: pens, pins, wallets, etc., will be considered non-clothing items. PSLA is not liable for any of these items if they are not returned to the customer. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that only articles of clothing are placed into his or her PSLA laundry bag before it is left out for pick-up.

Pick-up and Drop-off schedule subject to change – PSLA reserves the right to alter the pick-up/drop-off schedule. In the event of a change, customers will be notified by email. PSLA will not refund those customers who miss their pick-up day during any given week, and bags not made available according to the new pick-up schedule will not be cleaned.

Damaged Clothing – All clothes are washed in cold water and dried under high heat. Whites and colors are not separated. PSLA is not liable for any damaged clothes. This includes but is not limited to: shrinking, color bleed, rips or tears, and any items left in customer’s bag or pockets which may explode during the cleaning process such as pens, lipstick, chapstick, etc.


Double Bagging – This happens when additional laundry not owned or worn by the customer is placed in the laundry bag for pick-up. Laundry contracts are made between PSLA and individual customers, and PSLA only agrees to do the laundry owned and worn by the individual customer. Customers in violation of this policy will automatically be billed $25 for each incident. Repeat violators will be in jeopardy of having this contract terminated. If this contract is terminated, customers will be notified by email.

Overstuffing – This happens when the laundry owned and worn by the customer is stuffed into the laundry bag, exceeding reasonable PSLA standards with regards to weekly laundry service. A bag is considered overstuffed if a PSLA employee is unable to close the draw string tightly enough in order to guarantee that no clothes will fall out of the bag. If the bag weighs considerably more than 12 lbs, it may also be considered overstuffed and is subject to the manager’s discretion. PSLA reserves the right to automatically bill the customer $20 for each incident. Repeat violators will be in jeopardy of having this contract terminated. If the contract is terminated, customers will be notified by email. The customer will be given a grace period for the first week of service in which no fines will be charged. The customer will receive one warning prior to a fine being charged.


Cancellation of laundry contracts must be made in writing within 21 days of a customer’s first pick-up day in order for a refund to be issued. PSLA will retain 15% of a customer’s payment in order to cover operational expenses. Cancellations made after 21 days will be honored, but no refund will be issued. In case of extenuating circumstances in which the customer is unable to redeem their laundry contract (i.e. study abroad, or time away from the university) refunds will be issued based on the fraction of the contract remaining.