Why SDA?

The Student Design Agency is the premier design group on campus, bringing together creative minds since 2009. Being a part of SDA means the opportunity to not only get paid to do professional work but also to grow alongside dozens of other talented designers. These are some of the reasons to apply:

Join the Community
Being a part of SDA means having access to an entire body of other designers who can give you feedback and encouragement on your work. If there’s every anything you get stuck on or don’t know, there is always a community who has your back.

Work with Professional Clients
As a full-time student, gaining clients can be a time-consuming and opaque process. With SDA’s established name, you have access to some of the biggest clients on campus and can spearhead anything from designing this year’s Princeton Preview to reimagining educational spaces within a department.

Develop your Portfolio
With the scarcity of design opportunities at Princeton and the business of your work, it can be difficult to set aside time to do good design projects for your portfolio. Taking on SDA projects lets you add to that while also getting paid for your time.

Join Us!

Applications are currently closed, but follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay tuned for our next recruiting cycle!

When are applications expected to be available? Those interested in applying to join the student design agency staff should look for an application in mid-September. Additionally, an open house will be held in the first few weeks of school and agency managers will be present at the Student Activities Fair to answer questions.