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Seniors! Want something to look forward to during the dreary days before winter break?

Check out these sweet deals! They’re only available for this upcoming winter, so snag them before it’s too late! Check your Student Agencies postcard (sent by snail mail!) or visit us at commencement fair (Dec. 5-6 th, 2017) for codes!

Proud parent of a senior? Contact us at agencies@princeton.edu for more information!
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Realized that you hate doing your laundry? Tired of calling Mom about how much detergent to add? Wishing that you’d signed up for laundry services sooner, but don’t want to pay so much?

Don’t worry, we got you! Princeton Laundry Agency is excited to offer a 20% off exclusive discount for the class of 2018! With this discount, you only pay for the remaining weeks of laundry service so you don't lose any money paying for weeks of laundry service that have already gone by!

Our employees will take care of pick up, professional cleaning, and dropoff, leaving you time to focus on your studies and making your last semester at Princeton memorable!

Offer ends January 1st, 2018, so sign up soon!

Your time at Princeton may only last four years, but your Yearbook will last forever.

The 2017-18 Nassau Herald is a collection of the best and most unique Princetonian memories made here in the past four years. More than just a memento; the yearbook is a window to look back at your wonderful Princeton experience as a student.

The Nassau Herald captures the full year of life on campus, including senior portraits, campus life, student organizations, athletics, eating clubs, campus events, senior congratulatory ads, Commencement and Reunions, and much more!

Make sure to drop by our table at the commencement fair; all orders made in person (bring your Tigercard!) will receive over 10% discount!

Give your well-earned diploma the home it deserves.
Princeton Ring and Frame Agency is offering a limited time* 10% discount off
ALL frame styles.

Interested in buying a class ring?
Contact us at rings@princeton.edu to schedule a ring sample viewing and finger sizing at your convenience, and you can receive up to $150 off your class ring order.
Graduate with ease. Graduate with style.
* Offer ends December 8th, 2017. Visit us at the commencement fair, or contact us at rings@princeton.edu with inquiries.

2018! Don’t have enough storage on your phone to Snapchat graduation?

Parents! Worried about finding the best spot for videotaping? With the 2018 commencement video, there’s no need to fumble with the camera while watching your child walk towards their future!

Pre-order the disc today!

The DVDs include full recordings of:

  • Class Day
  • Baccalaureate
  • Commencement
  • Senior Step Sing
  • Reunions P-Rade and Fireworks
  • Personalized Written & Video Messages

Simply visit our online store and add the Graduation DVD to your cart.