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We're hiring -- join us!

Agencies with Openings:

Formal Services
Ring & Frame
Picture Perfect
Special Occasions
Student Design

Tiger Gear
Video Production
Water & Beverage

How do I apply to work in PSA?

All interested students are encouraged to do the following:

Do your research! Become familiar with PSA, our site, and what we do.

Apply on TimeSheetX. Links to the open positions below:

Open Positions

Direct to Door - Delivery Assistant

OneStudio Media Agency - Publicity Assistant

Safeguards Agency - Safeguards

Ring & Frame Agency - On-Site Sales Associates

Moving & Storage Agency - Moving Team Members

Moving & Storage Agency - Communications Team Members

Moving & Storage Agency - Moving Team Managers

Moving & Storage Agency - Executive Director

Moving & Storage Agency - Associate Director for Communications

Moving & Storage Agency - Associate Director for Operations

Any questions? Email
popkin@princeton.edu or agencies@princeton.edu for more information.

Interviews are conducted at the end of February, and all new hires will be notified in early March.

Director terms are one year long, and begin on April 1st.

Most director positions require no previous agency or leadership experience.

What can I expect at the PSA Information Session?

This is a great opportunity to meet current student directors and learn about what working for PSA is really like directly from your peers!

We strongly recommend that all interested students attend.

Why work for PSA?

  • Learn how to run your own profitable business

  • Develop project management, communication, and team-building skills

  • Hire, train, manage, and mentor your own staff of fellow undergraduates

  • Gain valuable leadership experience and translatable skills for your resume

  • Become a part of a more than 100-year Princetonian tradition

  • Provide valuable services and essential products to your University community

  • Administrative staff provides support and guidance as you learn the ropes of running a business

  • Tailored, real-time professional coaching

  • Flexible work hours which can be adjusted easily to accommodate academics, athletics, extracurricular, and/or other work commitments

What does it take to be a Princeton Student Agency Director?

Internal motivation
A strong work ethic
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Problem-solving skills
Attention to detail
Great customer service skills

e'll train you on the financial stuff!