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Rent your Water cooler and jugs here!
(Coolers and water jugs are sold separately)

If you are not in your dorm room at the time of delivery, your items will be left at your door.

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Single Water Jug Water Jug Package - One semester delivery service Cold-only Water Cooler Rental - 1 semester
Single Water Jug
Our Price: $12.50
Need just a one time delivery?
Order a single 5 Gallon jug of water - delivered right to your door!
New Lower Price!
Order Water Jugs to be delivered each month for the semester and let us do the heavy lifting.
Choose the number of jugs you want delivered monthly to your room. (You can email us to adjust the number if it's too much or not enough).
Four deliveries per semester.

If you are not in your room, it will be left at your door.
Note: Water cooler rentals are sold separately.

Rent a water cooler from us and we will deliver it right to your dorm room. If you are not in your room, it will be left at your door. At the end of fall semester, we will pick up the cooler from your room.
Note: Single Water Jugs and Bundled Water Jug Packages sold separately.