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Valentine's Day Gifts - Order & Delivery Policy

An $8 Handling Fee is included in the price for all gifts.

In the case of emergency/tight deadline and next-day delivery is needed, please email us at special@princeton.edu or call us at 609-258-4906 to discuss options, as baked goods may not always be available.

We will email both the parent and student after the delivery has been made. If your student/their roommate is not in the dorm room when we deliver, we will leave the order outside of the room and include that information in the confirmation email (please let us know if you prefer otherwise). All deliveries are guaranteed by 7:00 PM on February 14, if you would like to request a certain time please provide a time frame (e.g. 1:00 - 2:00 PM). Delivery by a certain time depends on the availability of our student employees, so please expect confirmation if you request a certain time.