Water & Beverage

Direct-to-Door Agency

Customer Policies

1. Water & Beverage Agency functions on a recurring billing system. If a customer orders anything other than Water Cooler rental and Bundled Water Jug Package, then we will assume that the customer will need that item the following months as well. Therefore, we will bill the customer and deliver the goods to the customers in the following months until the end of the academic year unless the order is cancelled 1 week prior to the next delivery date by emailing us at [email protected].

2. Deliveries will only be made approximately once per month according to the schedule posted below. If a customer places an order after the scheduled delivery date, the product will be delivered on the following date.
The schedule is
subject to change, and customers will be notified ahead of time of any delivery change.

3. If a customer’s cooler is not working and he/she wants it replaced, he/she will have to wait until the next delivery date for a replacement.

4. If for some reason, delivered water jugs are leaking, then Water & Beverage Agency will provide a replacement without any charge. However, the customer will have to wait until the next delivery date for the replacement.

5. If a customer buys a Bundled Water Jug Package, even if the customer doesn’t use all of his/her jugs, Water & Beverage Agency will not refund the customer for the unused jugs. If a customer is not sure that he/she will use up all of her jugs, then he/she should buy individual water jugs and not the Bundled Water Jug Package.

6. For an order to be delivered on one of our pre-determined delivery dates, a customer must place an order by the Tuesday before the delivery date. If a customer places an order after that Tuesday, then we cannot guarantee that the order will be delivered on that particular delivery date, i.e. the customer may have to wait for another month for that order to be delivered to their room. Same policy applied to changes to existing orders. If an existing customer wants to change his/her order for a particular delivery date, then W&B Agency needs to be notified of that by the Tuesday before the delivery date. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to deliver according to the modified order.

7. Unless you order a Bundled Water Jug Package, all items in an order will be delivered in the delivery date after the date the order was placed. For example, if you want to have 1 case of bottled water delivered to your room for all 8 months of an academic year, please place an online order for just 1 case of bottled water. That way, we will deliver 1 case of bottled water in the delivery date right after the date of order. And we will continue delivering 1 case of bottled water to the customer’s room and charging the customer’s credit card in the subsequent months, unless the customer instructs us otherwise.

8. Goods once sold cannot be returned. Once you place an order to buy or rent our products, we are NOT obligated to provide you a refund if you decide to cancel your order after that.