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Join our team of hard-working student leaders and gain real managerial experience!

Term of PSA Leadership Positions: January 1 - December 31, 2022
*Open positions start from date of hire through December 31, 2022

Get ready to manage your own business!

Looking to take on a leadership position? We'd love to work with you!

Open Leadership Positions

Princeton Student Agencies Marketing

Executive and Associate Director

Agencies with Open Positions

Coffee Club



Marketing Team Members
Production Team Members

Tiger Gear

Design Manager


Photographers and Designers


Delivery Assistants

Laundry Agency

Delivery Assistants

Apply for these position on JobX. Learn more about these and other open leadership positions by emailing

PSA Program Coordinator Aaron Jordan (atjordan@princeton.edu).

Why Join PSA?

First Hand Experience

Each of our 10 student-run businesses serves the Princeton University community in a different way, giving you the opportunity to work among a variety business models that provide a range of products and services.

Flexible Work Schedules

Continue to live your best life as an athlete, student org leader, performer, elected officer, lab assistant, and anything else that you enjoy. Our schedules can be modified to fit your needs and commitments.

Leadership Development

Build and manage your own team of your peers while helping them to learn the ropes of your business and providing fellow students, alumni, faculty, and staff with excellent customer service.