Alumni Classes

Hear From Our Alumni

"It's nice to work for someone else, but it's empowering – invigorating– to work for yourself… It gives you a sense of pride when you wake up in the morning."

- Eric Plummer ' 10, Manager of Water & Beverage Agency

"Plenty have gone before and will go after you, and have testified to all of the benefits that you will accrue"

- Tom Methvin class of '09, Manager of Safeguards

"One of the great benefits about working with the Princeton Student Agencies is that it's actual real world experiences. It's not just theory, but it's put into practice so you're on the ground working."

-Jared Crooks '11, Assistant manager of Safeguard and Water Agencies

"The best teacher is direct experience… you make the mistakes and you learn a lot more from them than just reading a textbook."

- Sara Oon '10, Manager of Tiger's Teeth

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