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Students serving Students and the University Community since 1911
A unit of the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students, PSA plays a pivotal role in the educational enterprise of Princeton, operating as a self-funded co-curricular program which exists to serve the University community.
Student Agencies is committed to providing undergraduates with unique opportunities in entrepreneurship through leadership of University-endorsed businesses, which support student and campus life at Princeton.

Founded in 1911 as the “Bureau of Self-Help,” Princeton Student Agencies was initially established to help undergraduates in need of financial assistance earn money for school. We have always been committed to our mission of self-help and now provide campus jobs to over 250 undergraduate students employed in our 10 established agencies offering valuable products and services to the university community. For more than a century, Princeton Student Agencies has been proud to support more than 150 student-initiated ventures that have provided our tigers with entrepreneurial and hands-on management experience.
Alumni: Share your stories with us!
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