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Students serving Students and the University Community since 1911
Mission & Vision
The Princeton Student Agency program is dedicated to providing entrepreneurial minded students with a unique opportunity to manage their own business and gain practical experience before leaving the university gates.
Student Agencies is a unit of Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students and operates as a co-curricular program which exists to serve the University community.

We are committed to providing many diverse opportunities for students, not only to start earning income while enrolled at Princeton, but also to gain valuable business skills.
The Princeton Student Agencies have provided goods and services for the University community (faculty, staff, and students) since the early 1900's. Initially, they were established to help undergraduates in need of financial assistance earn money for school, as an important part of the Student Employment Office.

The Agencies have continued to grow over their long history, and now there are 15 established agencies offering valuable products and services to the university community. Today, there are over 250 student directors and student workers who participate in the program.

Princeton Student Agencies are an integral part of the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students, providing students entrepreneurial and hands-on management experience.
Alumni: Share your stories with us!
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