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Princeton Laundry Agency

Our services give students something valuable: time.
Offering professional laundry services through the academic year with your satisfaction guaranteed!

When ordering laundry service, you will receive a standard PLA-issued laundry bag, a service schedule and instructions. Each week, your laundry will be picked up from your door, taken to a professional laundry service and returned clean and folded.

PSLA Service Spring Schedule 2020

Feb 2, 2020

Spring Semester Laundry Service begins, First Sunday night pick-up

Feb 5, 2020

First Wednesday pick-up

Mar 14 - Mar 22, 2020: Spring Break

Wednesday, Mar 11th pickup delivered on Monday, Mar 23rd

Laundry Service resumes on Sunday, Mar 22nd

May 11, 2020

Last laundry returned (from Wednesday, May 6th pick-up) of Spring Semester

No Sunday pick-up the previous night

Questions? Contact laundry@princeton.edu

Executive Director: Matthew Grossman '21
Associate Director: Conor Lundy '20

All orders made through this online store are subject to the Princeton Laundry Agency Customer Agreement.

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Semester-Long Laundry Service - Pick-up Once a Week Semester-Long Laundry Service - Pick-up Twice a Week
One semester of laundry service with one pickup per week One semester of laundry service with two pickups per week